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I'm going to hell in a hand basket...

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Well,... I got "AIDS" today !  I had an appointment at 1:45 this afternoon to pick up my new hearing aids.

I think their pretty nice, and really quite comfortable.  It doesn't feel like I have anything in my ears.  :P

This is the "behind the ear" model, with a small tube, that fits in the ear canal. I spent about 35 minutes with the doctor as she programmed these, and showed me how to put them in, and take them out.

I had no idea of the technology ! I placed them in my ears and the doctor did the initial programming, through her computer,( wirelessly), so they both are now set up. Anytime the battery compartment, is opened up it goes back to pre-set default settings, but there is a up and down volume control, should I need to adjust.

She ordered 6 months supply of batteries , which I should get in 7-10 days, and I have a follow up appointment on April 9th, to see how everything is working out with them.  I don't foresee any problems, Ed says they are pretty much non-visible, and the first thing he said, as he walked around me was:

" Can you hear me now, Can you hear me now? "  ;D

Here's some pics:

Dose this mean you will be able to hear ED loud & clear  :P

dam, I still miss you guys, tell ED we said hello  :)


DEN  :)


--- Quote from: denb45 on March 01, 2013, 06:54:09 PM ---Dose this mean you will be able to hear ED loud & clear  :P


DEN  :)

--- End quote ---

When I am not zoned -out!  :P

Ed says-- HELLO !  :) and says to say hello to Bob also.



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