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I'm going to hell in a hand basket...

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I had my audiology exam today at 1:45 this afternoon.  Just got home a  while back.

Guess who need two hearing aids.

  ME !!!

I should get them around March 1st. ( which is my next audiology appt.) They will arrive at the clinic by then, and at that time, they will show me how to use them.

I believe she said the loss was at 60%, but I will post more detail later, when I get the full report.

It's a pain in the ASS getting old !!



--- Quote from: J.R.E. on January 14, 2013, 03:59:43 PM ---
It's a pain in the ASS getting old !!

--- End quote ---

Better than the alternative.   :D


Hey Ray,

Look at it this way, now you have an excuse for ignoring people who are annoying you. You can say you just didn't hear them! ;)




Just think, when you get your hearing amps, you will become a real Bionic Man with super hearing powers.


Ray, wow.  Skin cancer and now hearing aides.

Bette Davis said getting old ain't for sissies.  She sure was right. 

I like Mark's suggestion of not having to listen to people who bug you.  I'd go with that. 


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