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Giving my 2 cents worth for sleep issues

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Thanks for the post about Motrin PM.  Planning to give it a go.

My own personal experience---Atripla...was difficult to initially fall asleep AND continue to sleep thru the night.  Complera.....still difficult to fall asleep initially....but sleep more solidly once asleep. 

Insomnia is such an insidious bitch.

Its also quite personal, example would be just reading the forums.  Atripla causes insomnia in some and lets others sleep through the night.   It seems some medications help some and dont others.  Melatonin gives me horrible nightmares (so does all diphenhydramine products such as MotrinPM, TylenonPM, Benadryl) so I cant take them.  Plus they make me groggy as hell.

If you find something that works for you. Great!  Its really trial and error from my experience.  I do agree with what Mech and Wumpy have mentioned.  Talk with your doctor.  There are many many choices available.

I agree it is awful! I have tried low-dose Melatonin, and changing the dose time of atripla but nothing has helped. This medication has been great overall but the sleep problems just aren't worth it. I agree talk to your doctor there are tons of options, some work better for others. I plan on doing that myself asap. My atripla days are numbered.


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