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Giving my 2 cents worth for sleep issues

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Like many I've had a lot of issues with sleeping while taking meds.
Prescription sleeping pills can be way too extreme, like Ambien, which can change one from a Dr Jekyll into Mr Hyde.
Over the counter PM medication can work to an extent, but often tends to hang on and can make one feel sluggish or zombie-fryed for 10-12 hours after.
Plus, they can become unreliable.
You fail to sleep, but you still retain that hung over feeling many hours after.

What I discovered was Tylenol PM "round" gel tabs (over the counter), did the trick.
Just why, I don't know since most of these sleep aids have much of the same ingredient.
But for some reason the Tylenol PM gel tabs worked. But ONLY the completely round half white/dark blue type.
That allowed me to sleep fast, and did not seem to leave that hung over feeling later. They worked well.

But naturally, and typical for me, Tylenol STOPPED making the round gel tab sleep aids. For some time I was even buying them off eBay, at least of what I could find out there.
That supply eventually dried up too, as the only Tylenol sleep aids now available on eBay or in the stores are the ineffective solid light blue capsules. Or the so called "fast acting" caps that do absolutely nothing for me.

I had written Tylenol some time back asking why they stopped making the round PM sleep aid. Tylenol much later finally wrote me back, something about a factory shutdown and product availability disrupted.

However, they DID recommend I try MOTRIN PM.
I had little hope that would help. I wanted the old reliable Tylenol PM round gel tabs.
So anyway, I did buy some MOTRIN PM and to my surprise it works better than the Tylenol PM gel tabs ever did.
I can't say why, for me they just do.

I can sleep sound, having few of those vivid "Sustiva" dreams I was still having with Tylenol PM gel tabs. I know the ingredient Sustiva was causing those vivid dreams, and they still came thru when taking the Tylenol PM gel tabs.
Now, using the MOTRIN PM sleep aid (over the counter) I have had very few of those vivid dreams. And the few dreams I have had are not especially vivid or memorable as they were before MOTRIN PM.

So, for those having sleeping issues with meds, I thought I would pass along my experience. Especially for those that prefer not, or cannot deal with prescription sleeping pills plus their side effects.
And for those that have tried other over the counter sleep aids but found them ineffective.

MOTRIN PM just might work or help you sleep better too.
And no, I do not work for the company.
Hopefully the makers of MOTRIN PM will keep on making it....

Your timing is great.  I just got off the phone with my doctors office trying to get an appointment, on of the issues to discuss was sleep, Im headed to the pharmacy later today to pick up Rx's and am going to give the motrin a try.  I havent had more than a few hours of sleep in 2 months since switching from Isentress to Prezista.  Ill let you know how it works, I guess I can DVR the new early morning shows Ive gotten hooked on since being up at 3 am is now normal ;)

I agree always talk to your doctor, but I would suggest trying something like Melatonin which is a naturally occuring substance in the body, my doctor said I can try it, and you won't have to worry about getting hooked on it. With sleep, always try to address the root cause, whether it is med-related or otherwise. I am thinking of switching regimens again myself because my sleep is negatively affected.

Thats great that you found an over the counter medicine that gives you good rest.  I might check to make sure daily intake of acetomorphine and/or ibrupofen is sustainable.  Ideally you want the sleep aid but not the pain killer.....

OTC are great if they work for you, but you do realize there are other prescription drugs other than Ambien right?

One is Trazadone. It is out of your system in 4-5 hours. No adverse side effects. It's an older drug that was originally developed for depression but was better as a sleep aid.

There are others that are just as good.

Talk to your doc.



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