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Am I being scammed ?

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Jessy, there aren't any US troops currently deployed in Nigeria.

US troops who are hiv positive ARE NOT DEPLOYED OVERSEAS regardless of their capacity.

US troops have access to money when they need it.

US troops on active duty on foreign deployments have to be ready to redeploy at a moment's notice, at all times. There's no way he "didn't have time to pack".


That's the way some of these guys operate - they suck you in slowly and try to make you feel guilty if you question their veracity or intentions. If you continue to play along with him, he'll eventually hit you up for the big money.

Yes, any reports of scammers are thoroughly checked out before action is taken.

It's as plain as the nose on your face - HE IS SCAMMING YOU. Get out now before you regret it.

Hi Ann,
Thanks alot for your responses.The persons account is bioman12 on poz personals
I would really be interested to know what comes out of the investigation.please can some one let me know the out come.
For now no penny has crossed hands.

Thanks again


I live in the USA.  Everything that Ann told you is true, they also have ID.  No American Army personnel would "forget" anything when they pack, including and especially their ID.  If for some reason they did forget it's very doubtful that they would ask a stranger for money.

The person may not have asked for money out right, but they were asking in a round-about-way. 

Unfortunately most people would have just sent the money in and not questioned it.  Luckily enough you had the sense to at least question it.

Welcome to our forums.

Michelle 8)

Thanks Michelle
Some thing wasnt quite right so I chose to ask and am glad I did. The scum made me pray for him on chat...! Can you imagine? but thats as far as I went.His profile has sense disappeared from poz.

Thanks all to the good work you put into this.


Jessy, sorry for the late reply. The person over at poz personals who looked into him said that he's tried it on with a few people (both men and women). He's gone (banned) now.

I'm glad you came to us before you got in any deeper. Chalk it up to a learning experience and put it behind you.

Hope to hear more from you soon.



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