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Am I being scammed ?

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Hi ladies,
I have a pressing matter.I have been chatting to this supposedly army man for a bour a week now.I live in England while he was stationed in Afaghanistan until a few hours ago when he said he and his troopes have to go some where else.his been talking alot about Nigeria.Iam aware of all the scums that go on but he seems like a good christian man.We chatted for a long time last night but before that he mentioned that they (troops) have to leave fof Migeria in about for hours at that time(around 1 oclock british time)This morning at 8:30(he im  me that hr is in Nigeria but he forgot to pack anything in form of toiletries and apparently they are not allowed to have money on them in the army in case they use it wrongly

I want to help him one off, but iam scared it could be some one else maybe a nigerian posing as a army man

Also he sent me detail of in nigerian names to send money in because apparently  he doesnt have an Id.
Anyone with american army experience pls help. Or otherwise
If he is who he is I dont mind helping him one off but iam scared to be scummed
Thanks for your help in advance

Jessy, yes, that's a scam - and this "(fake) soldier ending up in Nigeria and needing your money" scam seems to be a pretty common one (see below). Don't send him any money - unless you have money you feel like throwing away.

Check this blog out - and make sure you read the comments section. One post in particular tells you how to determine if this guy is actually in the US army.

--- Quote ---

I'm a US Army veteran of over 26 years. 19 of those years were spent overseas in Europe, Okinawa, and Vietnam...there is practically no way a bonafide service member would be asking civilians for money. All branches of the servics offer monetary assistance to all members when needed for an emergency. If you run into this situation, ask the service member what unit he belongs to, and contact his commander to verify his existance. You can probable verify units by using Please don't let the bad apples spoil your relationships with soldiers, sailors, marines, & airman that really need your support.

--- End quote ---

If I were you, I'd not have anything more to do with him and I'd block him on my IM service and any other means of communication you two have been using. Report him to the website that brought you together if you can.

Are you hiv positive? I'm asking because this is a forum for women living with hiv. If you are, why don't you tell us a little bit about yourself? (like how you're doing hiv-wise, not necessarily personal details)


PS - some of the posts in the comment section on that blog have replies, but you need to click on the "1 reply" or "3 replies" link next to the brown reply button below the post in order to see them. Some of the more recent ones have additional information as how to report these scammers.

Although the original blog post was posted a little over a year ago, some of the comments are quite recent - from the past month or so. This means it's an on-going scam.

Hi Ann
Thanks for the prompt reply...Yes Iam hiv pos and well on meds.I have two children both negative.I have was in a pos -neg relationship for 1yr but the guy didnt seem to want to make up his mind about my status.basically he pretended that he was very scared of getting infected but was jappy to have uprotected sex(wrong i know)
This amry man I met on Poz personals and his still on...he contacted menot the other way round.
Is there any way I can prove who he is?He didnt ask for money but he told me his lil goings on so I felf kinda guilty that I was chatting to him and he didnt get time to fully pack

Apparently his pos too

He has told me all the batallions and that his a capt
I really can believe that scammers can pose as war hers

Initially he seemed unsure of me so he said he wanted my number to clarify who i was

Jessy, DON'T give him your number!!!

If he were truly hiv positive and in the army, he would NOT be deployed on active duty overseas. We've had several guys here who had to go home to desk jobs if they wanted to stay in the army after an hiv diagnosis. You can only be poz in the army if you're diagnosed while serving in the army. You can't enlist if you're already poz.

He's scamming you. (Did you read the blog post I linked you to above?)

Once you've posted one more time, I can help you get this reported to the appropriate person at POZ personals (different department to mine). I can contact you via the Personal Message function, which you cannot access until you've posted here on the public three times.

Welcome to the forums! :)


He really didnt ask for money...he told me that he had forgotten his personal stuff so naturally i thought maybe i cld offer to help.I would hate to get him deleted if his who he says he is.He was really ok with checking him out.sadly I already gave him my number and he called me one but the accent didnt sound heavly American of which i questioned,his reply was cos he has moved around alot.He mentioned that he doesnt shoot guns on reserve or some thing...his served since he was 22yrs....coming to 15yrs of service.I really like him...I was just wondering if he is fake scam or not?I checked oit his Ip address which wasnt fruitful,his email location is sunnyvale CA.All he said was "go and verify me and come back once you have found the truth"he seemed really hurt.
Please dont get him deleted if his not fake.
Ann do they check such cases out to be sure before they take any action ?


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