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Poker anyone?

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We held our first Texas Holdem' tournament yesterday at the post.  We only had 24 players but it's off to a good start.  Not bragging, but I brought my "A" game and ended up winning.  $280 was a nice little profit.

And since I had to be there early to oversee everything, I decided to throw a couple of dollars in the penny machine.  I didn't even realize why all the symbols were spinning all goofy like until the word "JACKPOT" appeared.  It was a $430 jackpot.  I should have left and headed to the new casino we now have in Columbus. ;D

I won enough to almost cover Miss Lily's surgery.  That win loosened up my budget enough to allow for a couple of outfits this month afterall.


I'm a Hold Em fanatic.

When i was in Vegas a couple months ago I hit the tables really hard, and did very well. I then bombed out of a large tourney, so I went to Margaritaville and got hammered.

I played online Hold'em (real money) for years until the feds shut down all the off shore online casinos and seized everyones playing accounts.. The feds still have some of my money  >:(

I'm thinking about going to Wendover in the enxt couple months, Its a small town in Northern Nevada and the rates are amazing and you can get a flight and room pacakge for 3 nights for $219. Check it out.


Ps- a good site to play Hold'em is It's play money but you can win free stays at GN Las Vegas

Miss Philicia:
Anything other than playing bridge is trashy. My mother told me this.


--- Quote from: Miss Philicia on January 13, 2013, 12:17:58 PM ---Anything other than playing bridge is trashy. My mother told me this.

--- End quote ---

Would you believe that I play Canasta just about every weekend with a bunch of old ladies. I kid you not.  8)

This fun Wumpy fact brought to you by Folgers Coffee.


I think it was around 05 when it became illegal in the US to play for money on-line.  I won quite a bit more than I lost.  I might check to see if I can still login to my old accounts.  I played Mansionpoker, pokerroom, and a few others that I can't recall.  I still think it's BS if people want to spend their money that way.

Ohio never allowed gambling, including casinos until recently. It finally dawned on them that residents here could travel less than 2 hours in any direction and find an out of state casino.  All the bordering states have them right at the borders. 

I love the riverboat casinos.  We have several to choose from, all a short drive away.  I'll check out that free online site, but it's not as much fun as playing for real money.

I'll probably hit the Columbus casino soon, just didn't feel like fighting the crowds when it first opened.


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