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What addiction?

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It's a huge battle but it gets easier with time.

Good job in Europe we hardly ever hear about Meth.
The only meth we get here is methadone hehe.

Anyway, your demons will try to get the better of you from time to time. You just have to be strong and keep busy. Keeping your mind busy is a great way to detract the demons.

Take care.

Denver Toad:
I don't think I've ever smiled this much after reading a post.

Thank you for sharing this, it's good for me to remember the challenges of new found sobriety and again be touched by the enthusiasm of a brother four months clean.

I'm proud of you Phil, just for today, stay clean.


Thanks you guys rock! I have a life again.... I start part time work next month and plan on finishing my degree mid this year. Who would have thought?  Not me! But here I am..... again thanks! I'm happy n content..... love to u all for your openness and acceptance! Phil xxx

Congratulations on your new found strength and recovery!



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