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What addiction?

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Hi - its been a long time since I have been on this site cause I have been beating that damn addiction and I just wanted to say that I have been successful!

4 months now and stronger every day.

Thanks to everyone who wrote positive encouraging words to me!


Hey!  I wasn't around for the time you posted, so I just did a little back digging...

Congratulations on the steps you've taken to get a handle on the meth thing.

That's a tough one to tackle - especially, it seems,  when dealing with it in injectable form. 

I wish you the absolute best for your continued success.

Congratulations on your hard work!

Keep doing what is working and hang in there.


Great news.  I have no experience with meth, but have heard friends say it was very hard to stop.  One friend got off it, but he's not the same person he was prior to using.  I don't mean the way people change going through an addiction and being changed by it.  His personality is totally different.  It is like talking with a stranger.  I think the drug messed up his mind terribly.  It really is like he suffered brain damage, as we hear docs on the news say.

All the best to you for continued health. 

Huge congrats on the recovery from meth.  It is an extremely hard drug to put down due to how it is processed by the brain.  We all know the explanation of dopamine being released by the "pleasure center" in the brain.  When meth is used, twice as much is released from other processes in the brain, which is what makes it so hard to put down.

Great job, keep it up!


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