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Please help me Urgent Terrible Worries


Hi and I hope you can help me.  I am 36 year old gay male two prevouis relationships.  I got slighty drunk on Tuesday not a big drinker.  I had sex with a guy I just met I was thé top we used a condom but used Johnson's baby oil as lube.  I fucked him but on withdrawal found out condom had vanished.  Went to accident and emergency and requested pep which is truvida and ketira started them at 11 pm same day eight hours later.  Taken at 12 hour intervals.  Not missed a dose no side effects so far.  I had a rapid test negative sorry which was negative.  What are the chances of becoming positive?  Can you please give some advice.  I feel stupid.

Any advice would be great.

Thank you.

Andy Velez:
The odds are in your favor that you will come out of this incident ok. The condom protected you until it slipped off which may have happened when you were withdrawing, which would make the risk even lower. The insertive partner is at a lower risk than the receptive partner. And we're talking about a single and relatively brief incident.

You can test initially at 6 weeks. If you get the negative result I expect you to, then it is very likely you will test negative at 3 months for a conclusive result.

Personally I wouldn't have even thought PEP was called for in this situation, but that's a personal decision to make.

Avoid excessive drinking mixed with casual sex in the future. It is a dangerous combination.

While waiting to test you need to make a real effort to focus on other things in your life. Your risk was very low level and I repeat, I expect you to come out of this ok.

Thanks Andy. X

Can I also ask in passing how effetive is pep in your experience and has anyone ever tested positive following pep and this sort of exposure,?

PEP is extremely effective. Between what seems to be on the lower end of the risk scale and your decision to take PEP, there should be no reason whatsoever to expect anything but a negative test result. However, please understand that taking PEP extends the testing window by a month. A test taken six weeks after you finish PEP will be all but definitive. A test taken three months after the end of PEP is still considered the gold standard.

I have yet to see a person on this forum test positive after appropriately taking pep. For that matter, I don't recall an Insertive partner from this forum test positive at any rate. Not that it's impossible to become infected this way of course. But the statistical chances of infection drop rather sharply from receptive anal sex to Insertive.


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