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Mental health and do I get my wings now?

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i noticed a definite spike in my anxiety after my dx that was really effecting my sleep. i got a prescription for a very low dosage of klonipin and it has helped immensely. i also take it before my dr. appointments as those make me very anxious as well. i expect that most of this will pass when i better come to terms with all of this but in the mean time i have found it very helpful. i dont take them every day, because they are habit forming, but it's nice to know theyre around if i get a little too worked up. talking to someone never hurts either! hope your wings come in time for the next victoria secret angels shoot.

Hey, mobileballs. Are you just getting into Skyrim or is that an old tag line? I never played, but I spent about 72,000 hours in Cyrdodil, Oblivion. Long time ago. ;)

Anyway, back to the thread. You do what you and your doctor think best, absolutely. Most people here seem to have positive stories with SSRIs and the like, but don't be afraid to say if you're not doing well. It's an off-chance, but with head drugs, you can  start double guessing yourself. It's always good to have an advocate that you trust who can view any changes in behavior or personality from a greater distance or could speak on your behalf if you're feeling cloudy. It sounds like you have people around who care about you. Be sure you take advantage of that. I had really bad experiences with several SSRIs and one anti-convulsant. In the beginning, I stayed on anything I was given, no matter how terrible it was, just to please other people. In retrospect, everyone involved at the time would have been happier if I had done what I thought was best.

Oh, and, hey, texaninnyc87, I hope you don't mind my saying, and I'm sure you and your doctor are aware, but it jumped out at me here. The cobicistat in Stribild can increase the effects of klonipin. They can be mixed, but adjusted dosing or extra monitoring may be required. It sounds like you're taking a low dose anyway, but I aways like to know these things. Sorry if you'd rather I hadn't butted in. :)

Hi Balls,
The thing that jumps out at me is when you posted "nobody gives a fuck about what you say."   I'm glad you're in therapy because you need to get into why you feel this way and how not to.  You're correct in knowing you have a deeper problem. 

I've been on Wellbutrin for a few years and it's worked well.  Of course everyone has to experiment in regards to the meds that will work for them.  Do you have a psychiatrist? Will your counselor refer you to one if you don't?  It sounds like you may need one for help with the antidepressant issue. 

As for the anxiety, I've always had anxiety, but more the panic attack type.  It got so bad at one point I would pass out if in crowded places, like the grocery store.  I've been on every benzo there is and can no longer use them because I don't "use" them, I "abuse" them.  So I just talk myself through the panic.  This can be learned through cognitive behavioral type therapy.  I just basically know I can't use benzo's, I wouldn't be able to find a doctor who would prescribe them (good thing), so I started talking myself through them.  But it sounds like yours are different. 

Good luck and please let us know how you're doing.



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