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Mental health and do I get my wings now?

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This is my first post here...You can grab my story over at the ND thread.

I started counseling, which my doctor recommended for me, and feel really good about the gentleman I am seeing.  I have never been in counseling or taken any thing so I was pretty surprised by how good I always feel after talking to him.

He suggested that I consider going on something.  I have a very specific problem which has been pretty manageable my whole life but since my diagnoses has gotten worse.

I have these super brief bouts of anxiety about stuff I have done or said to people and it is a full body experience.  Like an emotional flinch or a super fast wave.  I used to just say to myself "It's not real and nobody gives a fuck about what you say" and it goes away pretty quickly.  Never really thought about it, but I am afraid that I have been pushing a deeper problem aside.

Has medication helped some of you?

I would love to hear more about your experiences on the subject.


I suppose its some sort of acute anxiety or "panic attacks" and therapy often throws a lot of them under the mental health challenge of "anxiety disorder".
Treatable by both therapy and by medicine.
If you see the therapist a few times and you care to know, you can certainly ask for a diagnosis and either the therapist can explain everything you want to know about the disorder itself, and its treatment, or at that time you could read about it yourself, too.  But its always better, when its possible, to get a good guess or certain diagnosis from a professional rather than self-diagnosing.

I have used all three principal therapies - talk therapy, "benzos" and SSRIs and I found each one helpful in its own way.  Very helpful, in fact. 

Sorry Balls, but this thread doesn't really belong in the Living forum, it belongs in the Mental Health forum. I've moved it for you.

Don't worry, you'll get your first Living post in due course. :)

I sometimes get flashes of anxiety that can linger for a few hours - I have diazepam on hand for those times. I don't take it very often, but it's there when I need it.


Jeff G:
Hi Balls , and welcome to the main forum ! .
I can empathize completely with you about the anxiety issue when dealing with other people . It was especially troublesome for me when I joined the forum because writing your thoughts are not as easy as it is when your having a conversation in person .

I'm sensitive and try to always take in to count other peoples point of view and give them the benefit of the doubt . I have to try and remember though that in doing this I have to be careful not to assume I know how somebody is feeling or what they are thinking because it comes off as insecurity to other people .

I get that super brief bout of anxiety quiet often so I have thought long and hard about it and in my case I have come to except it as a positive . Could it be your the kind of person that cares about the feelings of others as much as you do about yours ?

I'm not suggesting you shouldn't seek help if your having bouts of anxiety , I'm on Trazodone and it helps me with anxiety but talk therapy and sharing how I feel has helped me as much or more than the medication . 

Hi Balls -
Your wings should be shipped out soon  ;D

I went to therapy long before my diagnosis.... Every week for three years... It was the best gift I ever gave myself. I truly felt that for the first time in my life, I was investing in me.

While I have not had too many instances of anxiety (except in instances when anxiety is to be expected), I did suffer from OCD for a long time. It had gotten pretty bad when I decided to start therapy.

The doc put my on Luvox for a while and the therapist did her magic... Eventually, I was able to go off the Luvox and use the behavioral and cognitive tools provided in therapy to deal with the OCD. Also, just getting some of the "garbage" out of me during therapy sessions helped.

Many times, it is not so much about what happens during the therapy session, but what happens in between sessions and TIME - which is a great healer in and of itself.

Continue on with your therapeutic journey - only good things can come from it. I said it then and will continue to say, that it was the single best gift I ever gave myself (worth the time, the emotions, and the money).

Best to you (oh, and did you want the wings sent FedEx, USPS, or UPS?)  ;)


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