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Happy New Year and new labs

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Happy New Year!  I hope everyone is off to a great start to the new year. 

Latest labs were pretty uneventful - CD4 237 and still UD. 

Cholesterol was still high but slightly improved.  No meds for this yet so have to keep working on it.  Doc said with meds may not be able to get it in to an acceptable level. 

Question for those who know more then me - I am on Atripla which I understand can elevate cholesterol levels - are all meds this way?  Just curious - not really interested in switching meds at this point because things are going really well but I guess that could be an option...

Not all meds will raise your cholesterol, no.  Each medication has a different side effect profile.  You would really only want to change if there were a side effect you simply couldn't live with.  If your cholesterol rages out of control your doctor may want to swap you to another medication that won't have that same side effect.  Most doctors however seem to be loathe to swap off of any medication that is working.

Hi Stiguy,
i'm on different medicatiion, i was taking Atripla at first, but switched.  My cholesterol is little high too, so im in the same boat as yourself.  Trying to work on it before having to take a med.

My doctor said just about all the meds have a potential to increase your cholesterol.  I get one more test before he slaps another med on me.  So i'm hitting the gym more and trying to cut out certain things.  Trying the Fibre, Fish oil.

Eric on here tends to believe that Nevirapine actually lowers cholesterol?  He's the resident guru on Nevirapine so I would ask him for more information although I'm pretty sure he already has a very lengthy thread on the subject.

I've been on Atripla for about 3 years... I haven't had any problem with cholesterol, but can't say the same about triglycerides..... Doc put me on Lopid for that (2 times a day)

I also agree that most docs are reluctant to switch you to a different ARV, if the current one is working and if benefits are still outweighing any adverse side effects.

Why does your doc feel that there is no medication he/she can put you on to directly address the cholesterol issue?


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