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Needle-stick injuries and surgery

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I had some dentist matter a few months ago.  My dentist only wanted to see me as her last patient.  It bothered me till I realized she desinfects everything BEFORE I go...  After talking a little, it is clear for me that it is easier for us as HIV infected people to get something than to give HIV to other people with their instruments...  Iīm in Ecuador.

With a dentist that have a clean room and manage properly innocuity procedures, you should not have any problem...  This story about that "they donīt have the good instruments" sound me very strange and these docs seem to have some problems in regard to HIV, here it is not uncommun to find doctor with these kind of matter...

In Turkey, it probably exists some HIV infected people associations, why donīt you call them (you donīt even need to tell them your name) and ask them for some good dentists references, they will probably be able to help you...

well, turkey is a big country as landscape, and people who live in big cities usually don't have problems. also population is 70 millions. there is only one HIV activist group who might have suggestions. but well there is not any hiv friendly doctor who live in the other part of the country. especially in the smaller cities people have problem about privacy.

and the "not good tools" part is just an excuse to send HIV positive patient to another hospital. every city hospital have good tools for HIV, HCV, HBV positive patients. they are just afraid of "needle stick" accident and prophylaxis for a month.


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