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Some thoughts on mental health issues in January?

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I was feeling down and out of sorts.  Two months ago the Doctor put me on Bupropion 150 mg.  That and my vitamins and I am keeping my New Years resolutions up.  Put the younger ones to shame last night in my kettlebell class.  Good luck.

Hugs Bobby

Thanks for all your replies! I do feel a lot better today. Maybe I do miss my mother? God I am 36 years old and I still get sad when I leave home!

Best to all and a great 2013!

Hi Newguy,

Even though I've been diagnosed for a much longer time, I can certainly relate to being depressed at having to return to "the grind." 

I am half way through a graduate program, work at an ASO, and during the winter break from school, my employer also shuts down for a week.  That is like heaven.  When I have to return to work in January, I feel like I'm forcing myself back.  Then, when school starts the next week (we only get two weeks off school), I really feel like I'm dragging and feel a little blue. 

It's like a catharsis when I have a break from both work and school, and having to go back to both is, well, taxing.  So I can relate.  Of course the initial depression did pass for me, I still wish it was December again so I can look forward to another break.  Great job, by the way!


Thanks for the reply Betty!

Great job to you too on the grad program. I wish you the best of luck with it and a great 2013.

I am definitely feeling better but it was a scary week to say the least!


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