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Health Insurance for students


 Hey guys,
 Can anyone suggest a private insurance plan for a student who has been covered by a health plan through work since becoming diagnosed. I am a nursing student and can no longer continue working full time. I hate to do it because I have 22 years of service where I work but they are no longer willing to work around my class schedule. I only need coverage for a year and a half and one of my biggest concerns is being able to afford medication. I realize the cost will be significantly higher but I need to do it if I am to finish my education. I live in SC? Any viable suggestions?


Rev. Moon:

have you checked with your school/university to see if they offer a plan.  I believe that (as long as you are registered at least half-time) most schools,and I believe this includes community colleges, need to offer health insurance --and they don't reject you based on pre-existing conditions.  The cost for the entire year is usually added to your Fall term's tuition, and it is actually pretty affordable.

Good luck.

Many thanks! I will investigate that possibility because I did not think a community college would offer anything like that.

 I checked with our school's website and, being a community college, it doesn't offer any sort of healthcare for its students. I have to admit I am totally ignorant when it comes to things like this. I'm afraid of making a bad choice and not being covered. My health is good and stable for now and as long as I adhere to my medication dosing there is no reason to expect it to change. Of course this illness can throw us wild cards.


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