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Hello guys. Any advise?

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I had a sexual exposure with a CSW. the confusion in my mind is that, I had shaved 5 hours before sex and some vaginal fluids came to my shaved pubic area where I possibly had cuts. Even though I asked before and got an answer that the virus does not infect you with this manner, I still read in an article in this site that the virus can enter through cuts and sores! the faginal fluids came directly from her vagina to my shaved skin, isn't this the same?

Thank you,

First off, please leave ALL your comments in your original thread. That is part of the terms of service that you agreed to, and we enforce it strongly. I will request a moderator to merge this with your original thread.

 to your question:

It is absolutely not the same - also, the information you read is, at best, only marginally correct.

HIV has very specific connections sprinkled all over the outside shell of the virus, These connections target very specific cells - almost all of which are found in the vulnerable areas of the genital tract (the urethra in a male, the vagina in a female, the mucus membranes in the anus and rectum of both.)

HIV can also connect directly to certain white blood cells, but in order to do so it has to connect directly- meaning no exposure at ALL to environmental things like skin, scabs, healed or healing cuts and the like. Only the most extreme situations can overcome the body's rather thorough protection.


If you are a paramedic and you are at an accident site, assisting a person trapped in a car. If the person is HIV positive with a high viral load, and bleeding profusely, and if you tear a gash in your hand or arm while maneuvering around the wreckage of the car, and IF you then thrust your hand into or on the profusely bleeding wound without protection, then infection is possible.

That is why this sort of transmission is irrelevant to any non-healthcare professional. Te cuts and scrapes from shaving absolutely constitute ZERO threat for HIV. This is not only scientifically proven, but it is also statistically proven.

You have had absolutely and categorically no risk for HIV. None. Were there the faintest caveat to the condom issue, we would have issued that caveat on these forums. You understand that you are not nearly the only person who "manscapes" and then has sex, of course. We encounter this question very frequently. I hope my response has been of some help.

Dear jkinatl2,

I just needed an answer to clarify this thing for me because I had no idea about how exactly a transmission occurs. I was comparing my case to cases like needle and injection cuts that cause infection, and your answer helped me understand better.

Thank you very much and sorry for posting in a new post I just was so stressed.

So for heterosexual men the only sexual way through which the virus would enter the body during sex is the Urethra, is this right? because if so, I can finally put this issue behind me since I used a condom!!

Thank you very much for your help :)

Isn't this the "I just tested poz" forum?

Yes, sorry for posting in the wrong place.


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