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Hello guys. Any advise?

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--- Quote from: wolfter on January 17, 2013, 01:00:27 PM ---Isn't this the "I just tested poz" forum?

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Indeed. I have alerted the authorities to merge and remove :)


I've merged your new thread into your original thread - where you should post all your additional thoughts or questions. It helps us to help you when you keep everything in one thread. It doesn't matter how long it has been since you last posted in your thread or if the subject matter is different.

If you need help finding your thread when you come here, click on the "Show own posts" link under your name in the left-hand column of any forum page.

Please also read through the Welcome Thread so you can familiarize yourself with our Forum Posting Guidelines. Thank you for your cooperation.

Post outside the Am I Infected forum again and you'll be banned.

If you read the Welcome Thread before posting like you're supposed to, you will have read the following posting guideline:

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With the exception of the “Am I Infected?” and “Off Topic” Forums, the Forums are intended for people who have been diagnosed with HIV (or their loved ones/caregivers).  If you are questioning or unaware of your HIV status, please refrain from posting messages or questions in the Forums intended for HIV-positive people.

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Please consider yourself warned!

You haven't had a risk for hiv infection, as you have been previously told. If you cannot bring yourself to believe us, go test and collect your negative result. As a sexually active person you should be testing at least once a year anyway.


Has anyone ever get infected with hiv after having protected sex when a condom did not break?

Thank you

Jeff G:
Marco , have you tested positive for HIV ? . If not you need to go back to your thread in the Am I infected forum . If you cant find your thread you can find it by selecting show own post in your profile page .

In the mean time I'm asking that no one post in this thread until other than Marco until this is cleared up .

No I did not test positive. And I tried to post in my original thread but I could not.
By the way.  Hd a second encounter after the one stated in my original thread. And my question is why does the CDC consider condoms effective but STILL do not eliminate the risk of hiv? As stated in their website.
Second question. Is a DUO test conclusive 46 days after the exposure? And why?

Please I have no money to give and I disperately need answers to my questions.


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