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My case manager told me that there would be several possible treatments I can choose from... How can I determine which is the best for me?


--- Quote from: Homopoz on January 11, 2013, 03:32:25 PM ---My case manager told me that there would be several possible treatments I can choose from... How can I determine which is the best for me?

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Your doctor will help you determine any innate resistance to certain classes of drugs. You can research them online here. Go to the top of this page and look for the TREATMENT section. There you will find a comprehensive list of available drugs. Once you and your doctor have narrowed down your choices from the hundreds of combinations available, you can research for yourself which drugs work best with your schedule and disposition.

Of course, depending on your labs, you might not NEED meds for a long time.

Going a bit crazy is entirely normal.  Your CD4+ is in an excellent place.  It will get easier as time moves forward and you adjust to your self.  Time heals.  But have no great fear.  You are ok.  All is as well as can be expected.  All is well, and as always, it is your choice to or not to have a long and wonderful life!

I am only a couple months behind where you are, diagnosed in August.  I very much relate to your saying that it's on your mind 24/7 and feeling rotten inside.  I felt the same way at first... last thought on my mind before bed and first thought in the morning.  And a lot of asking myself questions about the past.    It's still on my mind, but it's not dominating my every thought.  And it may be hard to believe, but now there are even some days I don't think about it all.   As much as you can, try to know that you will feel better about this later and have the patience to let that happen. 

Buckmark gave two pieces of advice in his response that I totally agree with.  1) Educate yourself.  There are some great resources out there: this site and forum,, and are some I refer to.   Someone gave me some good advice about the internet though... if what you're reading is making you feel better or more calm, keep reading.  If it's making you more anxious, stop reading.  2) Talk to someone.  I agree keeping it bottled up inside probably isn't the best option.  But ultimately who you choose to tell and when to tell them has to work for you.  So pick carefully... especially at first.  I am happy I took this slowly... after a little time passed, my thoughts got more clear on who best to tell. 

I'm pretty much as new to this as you are, so others around here with more experience probably have much better advice than I do. 

Hang in there. I feel A LOT better in my thoughts than I did after I first found out.  And I hope I continue to feel better in another 6 months, and a year, and ...

You mentioned how you are feeling in your head.  Was wondering how do you feel physically? 

Physically I am feeling ok... But any cough, sneeze, headache, pimple on my skin makes me wonder whether it is related in hiv or not. I feel more tired than usual.. But again, I dont know whether it is in my mind..
From sexually and emotionally confident man with six packs, I turned into an insecure lifeless creature.... I am afraid of looking at other guys, knowing that nobody would want me anymore.. I know it sounds stupid, but sex was a big part of me and my life..
Thank you, everyone, for your responses... It makes me feel worthy..


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