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--- Quote from: Homopoz on January 14, 2013, 10:35:46 AM ---Physically I am feeling ok... But any cough, sneeze, headache, pimple on my skin makes me wonder whether it is related in hiv or not.

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I don't mean to laugh, but this made me laugh. I think it's over, but I went through a period where I blamed *everything* on HIV/AIDS.  Seriously, I lost a toenail, and I was convinced for a minute that this was an opportunistic infection.

Not everyone is on the same path, so to speak, but I was diagnosed a couple of month before you, and I *think* I've stopped doing that in the last couple of weeks. ;) I have a slightly different relationship to the disease, though, based on your first post. Even when I was negative, I only hung out with positive guys. Not even on purpose - it just happened that way. They always did turn out to be more interesting people, for what it's worth. I got the "hey, we just met and this is crazy, but I'm HIV positive and I hope you'll still go out with me" message from the last three people I 'dated' when I was negative.  Lols.


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