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--- Quote from: Homopoz on January 18, 2013, 11:05:42 AM ---Met with the my doctor yesterday. He was a great one. He wants to put me on the medications as soon as possible. We are waiting for results for resistance tests. What surprised me was when I told you him that six months ago my hiv test results were inconclusive, then negative, and he said that they usually follow up with another test in three months. But my provider didnt do it. Can I call it negligence? Would I be better off in terms of the available treatment then than now?

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If you were negative 6 months ago, then you are a new infection. And if you are soon to be on HAART, than you are also among the group of people "early diagnosis, early treatment."   So, enjoy the benefits of that.

It makes no difference if you are starting 5 months after infection or 2 months ago, if you were even HIV+ 3 months ago. 

Seems like you don't know when you were infected anyway.  So testing 3 months ago, you might have been negative then, as well.  Negligent?  Nah.


I also picked up on what Hunter mentions.  Since it seems you have a bf, why worry about your loss of attractiveness to other men?   Anyway, that is, as people expain, mostly in your own mind.  You aren't glowing neon nuclear green for HIV+, now, people can't see it, you know.

You'll get your mojo back soon enough. Trust me.



                          Hope all is OK !

      Things well be fine , Life will go on as planed .   
   Please take time to absorb  all the information you will be provided , it will
  come in handy .
      You will find that down the road ,It maybe months or a couple years ,
 as it took me , your life WILL   return to normal , really , one day you will wake up and know  all is right in your life . 

                                        Be well , Carl 

   P.S  : Feel free to P.M. me  , I love to babble  ;)

Hi Homopoz,

About rejection,It hurts real bad and makes you question your selfworth(at its worst)but the way I deal with that is by knowing anyone  who can't see past your + status is not worth your time.

Thank you, everyone, for your support and understanding! Seems like that I am going to be fine. But I feel that my life took 180 degrees turn. On one hand, I have to pretend that I Ok, I on another hand, I look at everything through the hiv prism. I stupidly hope that one day I wake up and I will be neg, and my life will come back to me.

The feelings you are having are typical. I have one that crossed my mind that you didn't have -  I build plastic models which means I use sharp knives. While scraping a recently made joint I lost control of the knife and gashed a finger pretty good. I thought for sure I had let in some bacteria or virus that would be my end. I then thought about the blood I was dripping on the surface plate and how it might infect someone else. I was beside myself for several days with worry but once the gash started to heal I realized I would be okay. This event occured shortly after I was diagnosed.


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