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Advice please. I'm from the Uk


Hello this is my first post on here and I really need some advice. My long term partner (23 years) was diagnosed HIV poz December 2011. He is still not on meds as its different in the uk and they wait till cd4 count drops below 350 before starting his latest bloods came back with cd4 of 349 and vl 55000. So it's recommended he starts meds. They have suggested Atripla as he works shifts 6am till 6pm for 3days then 6pm till 6am in night. With 3 days off. I have serious concerns about this pill as the psychological side effects are well documented. He has a stressful job that requires a clear head and this pill will probably affect that. I also don't think complera is any good as he needs to eat a full meal and can have similar side effects to Atripla. The Quad pill (Stibild) has not been approved so not available in the UK. He is going to start treatment in Feb can anyone suggest a once a day well tolerated combination of pills that can be taken at 8pm that doesn't require a meal or an empty stomach. A friend of mine is on retonovire and truvada And atsanvire and that is ok for him. What are your thoughts. My partner has burried his head in the sand and just wants me to sort out his HIV situation. He's pretty useless at taking medication so a once a day regime is essential it doesn't matter if its a few pills as long as they can all be taken together. Many thanks guys. I'm so glad I found this forum as I feel pretty confused and desperate for help.

There are two once a day options available:


These are taken with either Kivexa or Truvada, the choice depending on the outcome of various tests.

In my view darunavir is simpler, and avoids possible yellowing of the eyes and skin. Both need a little food, but a glass of milk, cereal or sandwich will do. Even a few biscuits with a cup of tea.

You may need to be persistent to not get Atripla, but a simple point like I do not consent to use of this drug, I believe the risks (side effects) outweight the benefits, is a pretty cast iron way to go. Although some people on shift work do fine on Atripla, many prefer something which does not affect their sleep and mood.

Good luck.

- matt

Thanks for that. What kind of side effects would that regime have.

He has started the regime you suggested. All good so far. Thanks

Very good

Thanks for the update and good luck

- matt


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