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     My boyfriend recently found out he was positive. I've been tested and I'm negative. I'm sticking around with my boyfriend and giving him all the support he needs. When I asked him if he ever cheated on me he responded saying "No." I know he doesn't use any recreational drugs so needle sharing isn't much of a concern for him. His positive result came as a huge shock to both of us. I'm wondering if anyone knows of any odd cases of HIV transmission.

We're both having a hard time getting to the bottom of this and I'm especially having a hard time with it. I want to understand and support him. But at the same time, I'm a little nervous that he may have cheated on me and simply won't admit to it because we have recently moved in together.

I feel so selfish at times for wanting to understand completely and I feel utterly lost in this with no one to talk to. I need to be strong for my boyfriend so I try not to bring up my difficulties to him. Am I wrong in any of my feelings? Or am I missing something about how HIV is transmitted?

I was with my partner for two years before I tested positive.  He was and is still negative (now together over 4years).  I never cheated.  I tested negative 3months before we started dating.  I thought I was negative, I wasn't. 

Your boyfriend may very well be telling the truth.

I am very happy that you are staying with your partner.

The window period for HIV infection is three months, from a testing perspective. This means, in the absence of a person with an EXTREMELY suppressed immune system, which cannot produce antibodies at the same rate others (think people on chemo, a drug regimen that purposefully destroys the immune system) anyone will test positive usually at six weeks but almost certainly three months past exposure.

HIV is transmitted by unprotected penetrative sex, the immediate sharing of IV drug needles, rarely from mother to child, and in certain developing countries, a blood transfusion.

I hope that has clarified things for you, and I certainly hope you and your boyfriend the best in your open and honest relationship.

bugginme2 if you don't mind me asking did you ever find out how you got exposed?

Ya I had unprotected sex.  Don't get me wrong.  There are no odd cases. HIV isn't transmitted mysteriously. 

My point was, there was time between my last negative test and the point I met my boyfriend.  I had just assumed I was still negative.  I wasn't.  My next test was when I was in a relationship 2 years later and was positive.

Your only hiv negative to the point of your last test.


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