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Miss Lily

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Sending speedy recovery wishes to Miss Lily
She is beautiful.
She just needs a lot of your TLC right now and she will be fine

Hey Wolfie,

I hope Miss Lily is recovering nicely.



hi Greg,

what a cutie!
one of our dogs has had 2 pretty major operations.
he bounced back quickly!
no doubt Miss Lily will too! :)


   Awww, I hope the Regal Miss Lily feels better soon... she's a cutie!

I think she's playing me a little bit now.  I purchased some Grreat Choice Homestyle recipe dog food.  She wouldn't come out of her bed, even for that.  I sat and fed her some from a spoon and she was loving it.  As soon as I stood up to move away, she QUICKLY followed me. 

She has went and done her outside business and is eating and drinking so I'm getting less and less concerned.  I just couldn't deal with it right now if something bad happened to her.  She's the last remaining reminder of the life I previously led.  I'm also convinced that she's what pulled me through my last illness.  My only fear of dying was worrying about what would happen to her.

She laid right by my side for several months so I owe her the same.  She appreciates the kind words is now expecting recovery gifts.  She's also a size small/petite and likes most colors. ;D

Thanks again all!


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