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Miss Lily

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thanks Greg!

Jeff G:
I am at a loss for words so forgive me . I am one of those guys like you who loves my dog with all my heart . My dog is old and sick most of the time now and she doesn't have much time left , its hard when you love them so much and they are old or sick , all we can do is love them and do what we must to make sure they don't suffer .

My thoughts are with you .

Well I made that awful phone call to schedule Miss Lily's final vet appointment.  They said I could bring her over this afternoon which I promptly refused.  I need a final day with her.  It just feels awful that I've scheduled an appointment to end her precious little life.  Tomorrow afternoon will definitely be one of most disturbing events in my life.

I only ever had to make this decision once for my Butchy who passed away just hours before his appointment.  I was so relieved that it happened that way. 

Again, thanks for all the support during this difficult journey. 


Jeff G:
Wolfie , you are doing the compassionate thing and I commend you for it .

We who love our pets make a deal that we will give them the best life has to offer and dignity in the end . You are fulfilling your end of the deal to help her move on , you gave her a great life and she gave you unconditional love that you will always be able to cherish along with her memory  .   Hugs to you .


Having been through this before, I know how hard it is.  As as pet owner, it is our responsibility to make sure our pets have a good life, even at the end.  That doesn't mean it is easy, and scheduling the appointment makes it all quite real and inevitable.  Make the most of your remaining time with Lily.




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