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Miss Lily

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Wolfter; I am sorry for you and Ms. Lily -- I hope the warm memories bring some comfort through this difficult time.



Wolfie, (as usual) I'm late in checking sounds like it's time to do what's best for her. I was reading what you posted earlier about the pain in her backside and I came to this conclusion, although again, it's too late: I was going to tell you that if it hurts her to wag her tail, it's definitely time. I'm thinking "wag her tail" could be applied to anything: eat, breath, walk...but wagging their tails is one measure of happines that is universal...

I wish you the peace you deserve as much as the peace and love you give to Miss Lily.

I'm taking her back to the vet after having a bit of a "heated" discussion with him.  I've taken her in several times with the same complaint.  First they said it was rectal glands that I paid to have cleaned and she continued with the issue.  Then they found the mamary lumps with they said were causing it.  She still continued having issues and he said it was the surgery. 

A follow up appt and I was told again, that the surgery was the culprit.  So, after excessive appointments and expense, she still has same issues that we originally sought relief for.  I'm now advocating for her the same way I have with my own health and not concerned with upsetting them.

Something has been missed.

Wolfie, so sorry your beloved Lily is going through a hard time.  I know she has a nice human partner so maybe she will catch a second wind or if not then find peace. 


I took her in and was treated much differently this time.  It wasn't the typical 4 minute consultation which is something I also dealt with in the past.  I wasn't quite sure why the vet's elderly father was there also, but am grateful for him being there.  She has developed a pelvic bone tumor.  She has an aggressive form of cancer.  The vet explained all the options including the whole chemo thing but his father spoke to me with such compassion that I directed my questions towards him.

He again explained the realistic outcome regardless.  As I fought back tears (unsuccessfully), I managed to ask all the appropriate questions.  She has lost 20% of her body mass and is now in palliative stages. 

The only positive of all this, is seeing how my mother and I have finally managed to become closer.  When it became necesary that I move home, she didn't want an animal in the house.  She wasn't fond at first but came to love Miss Lily.  Everybody does.  I know she recognizes that my doggy is what saved me.

I view my mother in a different light now, seeing what she's doing.  She warms beef broth to pour over her food to soften it and has declared that it's OK if she eats whatever she wants. 

Again, I thank you guys for your warm responses.  For those who don't have a bond with a furry friend, it's probably difficult to understand.  I became accustomed to loosing humans, but this is different.



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