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Is she in constant pain, or does it come and go?  Does she still have a decent quality of life-- likes to eat, play sometimes, etc? 

As I've mentioned, our dog developed bad hip problems.  During her last year, we had to carry her outside, but she could still walk enough to do her business.  She would sometimes fall down in her poop, and we'd have to wash her off.  Some thought we should have her put to sleep.  But, she was still a happy dog.  She loved to eat.  She still played with the other dogs as best she could.  And, she liked to boss them around.  We had her on medicine to help her hip and the pain.

If our dog was in constant or frequent pain and had changed to where she no longer had much of a life, we would have made the decision.  Well, I hope I could make that decision, for her.  She ended up getting bloat, where the stomach twists from gas, and she died very quickly.  We didn't have to make that decision.  You know what Miss Lily's quality of life is.  Is she still a fairly happy dog, despite her illness?  Or, is she usually miserable?

Again, I am sorry her health is in decline and you're faced with this decision.  I wish you all the best, as you decide what's best for her.

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first let me preface this by saying I'm sorry to hear this sad news about Lily and I'm sorry if my post rambles along. You know I just buried one of my dogs a few weeks ago and I just got another one back from the vet after a surgery. I understand all too well the thoughts in your head at this moment.

I'm so sorry to hear this Wolfie. You know when Aries was just in surgery the other day, I kept expecting the vet would call to tell me some awful news. But thankfully he thinks both 14 yr old cockers seem well enough for a few more years. Of course, at this age and with their health issues, either of them could just as easily pass away within the next few days.

I have had to make "the decision" 9 times now. why, oh why did they never pass away in their sleep?? My only consolation has been that neither Randy nor Jim were alive and had to bear this burden or this sorrow. Making these kinds of medical decisions and losing 2 husbands and 9 children so far has been something I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy.

As to making that decision, since I have had to do it with my partners and my dogs, my suggestion is sooner rather than later. I have waited a few times, not too long I didn't think; but so long that looking back I realized that I had actually done my dogs a disservice by dragging a sad, and inevitable, situation out too long.

like mitch, I hope this doesn't make me sound heartless. Instead I think of myself as humane. (oh, I'm not saying I don't have guilt; but I made decisions for the right reasons and I stuck to those reasons and decisions)

When Joxer had that stroke a few weeks ago, I was forced into deciding again. I'm sure I could have waited a few days; but how much would he have suffered, or not even understood, in those final few days? And all because I would have been greedy and wanted just one more day. (Sadly, that could be another of my many mottoes - I just wanted one more day.) Instead I made the hard choice because I have seen how transitory life is. I spent 15 wonderful years with Joxer; and I made the choice to not taint those memories by dragging out the end

After 9 dogs and 2 humans, I've come to understand that death is inevitable and no matter what I do, there's no holding it back. The only thing I can do it try to make it not so bad, and ease them from this world to the next.

For me and my pet healthcare decisions, money does matter. I just spent the entire amount I made working for those special events of the Task Force to have surgery done to the tumor on Aries and to treat the tumor in Zeus' ear. (and that didn't even cover the tumor on Zeus' leg that decided to bleed some today. oy!); but the outcome after treatment is supposed to be very positive. So much for adding to the car fund. However if I had not just gotten that money, I would have had no option but the cheaper one of having him put to sleep.

What's the outcome for Lily if you have another surgery? Will the surgery give Lily much time? Will she still be unable to manage the stairs etc. while she recovers? Is she in pain?

It's a tough and terrible decision and I don't envy any one who has to contemplate it. In the end, vets are usually too ambiguous, and we ourselves are ill-equipped to think ourselves knowledgeable, much less worthy, to make such an important decision of the very question of life and death. Think about it, and make your decision. If you have to make the ultimate decision, remember you are doing it for all the right reasons - LOVE LOVE LOVE. Miss Lilly couldn't have asked for a better human to care for her than you. :-*

Wolfie, please accept my condolences on this difficult time for you and Ms. Lily.  I totally get it, and only wish you strength, and love.


By the way, she is beautiful.

Again all, thanks for the kind words.  I spoke with the vet and he indicates it's really not beneficial for her to have another surgery.  Because her cancer has reached her blood system, the progression will be rapid. 

He has a pain script ready for me to pick up and I've made preliminary arrangements.  I managed to take her for a little walk and she looked so exhausted after just a short distance. 

And no, I didn't read any of the comments as heartless.  I really appreciate all the concern. 

--- Quote from: BT65 on March 28, 2013, 05:41:25 PM ---Wolfie, please accept my condolences on this difficult time for you and Ms. Lily.  I totally get it, and only wish you strength, and love.


By the way, she is beautiful.

--- End quote ---

Thank you.  I have always loved my animals more than I do most people.


So sorry to read the news about Ms. Lily.

Thinking of you.



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