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Miss Lily

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She is a beautiful dog.  Glad to see that she is on the mend.

Happy to report that Miss Lily is doing much better than I had expected.  She is more lively than she has been for a long time.  I'm beginning to think this was affecting her long before the lumps were noticed.  I attributed her slowing down to old age but I'm seeing the vibrant gal I fell in love with.  She doesn't look a day over 10, but is 12.

I took my little gal in today for her follow up.  The vet was holding his folder and indicated that we needed to discuss her pathology reports.  I had a strange feeling come over me and I flashbacked to entire conversation with the person who gave me my own diagnosis.

Then I heard the words; "metastatic mammary gland carcinoma".  I almost didn't maintain composure.  We discussed it for a little while and I only retained a portion of what he said.  I have been researching nonstop, hoping his prognosis and recommendations were wrong.  He indicates that nothing additional can be done and we just need to watch her for worsening signs and be prepared for difficult decisions in the future.

We came home and napped for several hours together.  I just needed to snuggle with her and cry.  From all I was told and learned since, it could be anywhere from a few weeks to a year.



Jeff G:
Im very sorry Wolfie . I know how much Lily means to you .


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