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Miss Lily

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I had to take Miss Lily in this morning for surgery to remove a couple of hard lumps on her belly.  I had no idea the surgery would be this invasive.  I imagined a small incision and done with.

The vet isn't sure what the rock hard masses are and we'll have to wait for the pathology reports.  It isn't mammary masses or fatty masses. 

He did indicate that when he palpated them prior to surgery that she cried out in pain.  I was like, yeah, that's what I've told you the other 2 times I brought her in.  Now we can continue our healing process together and start walking more often.

The nasty looking belly

My lovely gal resting

Poor Miss Lily -- hope she heals up quickly.



        Hi ,
                I'm hoping    Miss Lily  heals up nicely , she is very cute  :)


Jeff G:
I hope Miss Lilly feels better soon Wolf . 

Thanks guys.  I've been up most of the night constantly checking on her.  She's finally drinking and eating a little so that's a great sign.  I feel like such a horrible parent for allowing this to get out of hand to this point.  I kept taking her to the vet and they were dismissive. 

She is a beautiful dog, but she'd be upset that I posted an ungroomed photo.  Between my injuries and her illness, I've not been able to groom her for a while.  So in her honor, I'm posting a picture of her after I groomed her this summer.


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