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Just released from hospital - Pericarditis

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Just released from UM hospital.... Was kept overnight with pericarditis (inflammation around the sac-like covering surrounding the heart)..... Have to take high doses of NSAIDS for next three weeks.... Follow up with doctor next week - and hope that it clears up.... Otherwise, will have to get more aggressive treatment. UGGGHHH!!!! Always something - but, I am glad to be home and grateful for the excellant care I received at University of Miami Hospital.

Docs believe the culprit was the flu I had mid-December. I was having continuous chest pains that started worsening on Monday. By Tuesday it was hurting to sit up, lay down, walk, and breath (which is difficult to try not to do). So, yesterday when I saw ENT for follow up on throat issues, she listened to heart and after hearing symptoms advised me to go across the street to ER at UM.

I went to ER and was promptly admitted. After many tests, poking and prodding the diagnosis was made. I am on heavy doses of NSAIDS for next three weeks. Follow up with doc next week. If it worsens, next step would be to put my on high doses of steroids - and if problems continue I would be readmitted to have fluid drained from the sac area......

In the meantime, we are closely monitoring it.... with strict orders to immediately go to ER if it worsens of if I start having severe stabbing pain, etc - as this likely be cardiac arrest (worst case scenario).....

So, 2013 doesn't seem to be starting off any better healthwise than 2012 ended. 

Other irritating part if this can last a few weeks up to a few months - I am hoping that it clears quickly.

The doc was happy that she had a good case of pericaditis for the 20 medical students/residents who came to my room to have a chance to see.   ;D   Always happy to do my part to help the future generation of docs.

wishing you all the best, man. 

Dayummm, I hope you feel better.  Take it easy for awhile.  Rest up.  Get caught up on your Netflix. 

Thanks NYC and bug -
I plan on getting some rest....   ;)
Have school work to do and will do some work from home tomorrow - but other than that, I will be resting.

Miss Philicia:
You sure are in the hospital a lot, Phil. Have you been checked for AIDS?


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