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To make a long story short, I have horrible anxiety and I've been reading your forums to assess my risk (or maybe lack thereof?). Back in May, my (now ex) boyfriend had sex with a male who is very known to be premiscuious. I was panic'd when I discovered this because I had feelings for him (and all that other blah blah), but he tried to reassure me that they used a condom and he promised to get tested when the time came. Well (and please I know this was foolish, I was very naive), we were having protected sex for the most part, but there was two incidences where he put it inside me without a condom on, and it only lasted for a minute at most and he never ejaculated. I was DUMB I know, it was stupid and its never happened again since, we got tested in July, and we both came back negative (I was so releived). But was that long enough for him to get tested, from May to July? I dont talk to him anymore, I told him before our results came back, that I was a virgin and he got angry and couldnt understand my anxiety (I have OCD), I cant talk to him about my fears because he gets offended by them, when its not that im trying to be offensive, im just very scared, I dont have parents to talk to, I dont want to die young, I've made mistakes and I learned so many lessons when i was with him for the few months I was, I live with other people now and havent had sex since him, im very afraid of sex and I've become very depressed, I so afraid of HIV. They had sex in mid May, we Got tested in later July

Andy Velez:
Geo, as long as you tested negative at 3 months past the time of unprotected intercourse then yes, you have reliably tested negative and you are HIV negative. Period. No further testing is needed.

Just remember for the future that the only confirmed risks for the sexual transmission of HIV are unprotected vaginal and anal intercourse. As long as condoms are always used for those activities you will be well protected.

You have nothing to worry about now in relation to HIV. Get on with your life.

Additional details I failed to mention; I had been sexually active with him after testing and we used comdoms', but it was very short, lasting 15 minutes at most, and this wouldn't be a concern to me if I didn't have to factor in that he was also having sex wit someone (who he claims was always protected sex), and that person was having sex with someone else who is HIV+. Mist of my sexual experiences with my partner was mutual masturbation, and giving and receiving unprotected oral sex (and during this my gums had cuts from vigorious teeth brushing, when he'd ejaculate it would get on razor bumps I had on my legs from shaving right before in the shower. I had a small cut inbetween my anus and rectum from him being rough, and after he'd ejaculate, he would insert semen into my anus with his finger, does that pose as a risk? Would I know if the condom broke in the few times we had sex? Am I doomed? I've been waiting months to get tested again

If you ARE doomed, and I am not convinced that you are not, it has nothing to do with HIV.

You have tested reliably negative. You then had PROTECTED sex. You won't get HIV from getting your penis sucked or mutual masturbation or giving oral sex.

Also, cut the drama. I have had HIV for twenty years this April. I am hardly doomed.

You don't have HIV

I have two questions, One, I got tested after four months of abstinence, and my results were negative, am I hiv negative?

And secondly, a couple weeks ago, I accidently cut my hand from a screw sticking out of a table, and my friend was sitting next to me, his arm had a healing infection that had pus and a bit of blood draining from it down his arm, I (without thinking), hit his arm with my hand, and I felt the draining pus and blood on my hand, and I think it might of got into my cut, am I at risk? please help


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