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I'm on day 6 of the flu but on the mend i think. Four days of fever and and now just weak, coughing and congested.  I did have my shot in October. I've got two questions. First, do you find that it takes longer to get well after the flu or a cold?  Second and more importantly, what criteria do you use to decide that you're sick enough to go to the doctor?

I've been wondering the same thing. This is my first time dealing with this all. I can't decide if it's the flu side effects from my medications.

The flu hits pretty sudden.  one day you are feeling ok and the next you feel like someone beat you with a 2x4.  It really depends on your overall symptoms, some folks only get mild symptoms while others get it more severe including severe dehydration, high fever, malaise.

the flu itself takes about 7 days to complete its course beginnning with your first symptoms.  they are telling folks here to call your primary care doctor when you first start feeling symptoms because they can prescribe you tamiflu which shortens the time and symptoms.

if your doctor suspects it is the flu, they can run a little test to verify.

The flu will usually hit you harder than a cold. A really bad cold it's said, will take a week coming on, you have it for a week and another week to finally get rid of the symptoms.  I haven't had the flu in a long time and I never really know when something is the flu or a cold.  Lately whenever I start getting cold symptoms I take a once a day pill like Allergra, Zyrtec or Claritin and it clears up.  I don't go to the doctors for a cold or flu, I just let it run it's course and take meds to lessen the symptoms.

Been sick as a dog for 4 days with flu symptoms, and I did get the flus shot. Not happy.


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