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Hi Ancylus,
I started out ok with it except the constant head fog which sorta faded after a couple months..  After about  8 months on Atripla (storcin), the  nerves in my feet started going crazy.

After a ton of test my doctor says that the Efavirenz was the probable cause of the nerve damage.  I switched drugs and am much better, but not the same as i once was.

this doesn't happen to everyone, i'm just giving you my experience.  Switching to my current meds has been a god-send comparted to the Atripla.

hi guys,

well, I watched Dexter before going to bed but had no nightmares, we'll see tonight what happens. I was thinking about dreams in general before bedtime so it's perhaps correct that i had such dreams. I'll let you know tomorrow on how my night was.

actually, today I was full of energy and went to a tough spinning/cykling class and was on 90% of my maximum heart rate a few times and after the class I felt well and happy all day. I guess it's very much connected to that I now feel that I can get rid of the virus, well..., by starting with the medication. Perhaps you had the same experience?

the doctors thought that Stocrin and Kivexa is a good combination since it will be better for my kidneys, I have diabetes type 1 since many years and am perfectly fine, but should be careful with some combinations. however, re the nerves it's really important so I'll ask them about such side effects.

I was diagnosed only two months ago, and it's been an interesting journey so far... 

second night done, and didn't sleep well, but that was partly of other reasons I think. no dreams.

Now I've taken Stocrin and Kivexa for three weeks and haven't had any severe side effects besides feeling a little dizzy if I wake up in the middle of the night.

I had one funny dream, but I guess it was because of low blood sugar level.

So after all, I feel satisfied and look forward to see how my VL and CD4 has changed.

I hope it goes well for other beginners too!

So happy today when I was told my VL went from 190,000 to 1010 after 20 days treatment. Not sure about CD4, but that will be tested later.


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