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Allu Need:
My husband is newly diagnosed.  I love him so much!  Nothing else matters to me.  His CD4 count is 339, VI 40,000.  Having some symtoms. We haven't seen the doc yet, appointment in less than 2 wks.  He is 56 and diabetic. This is a dark secret, no one to talk to.  Where I live, we won't be telling anyone.  I wonder just how sick is he?  Of course, no one can predict how things will go.  But I can't help worrying. I don't let him see that.  Thanks for being here for me and all of us.

Allu Need:
Forgot to mention that I am negative.  That was his first concern when he got the diagnosis.

Hi Allu;

Sorry to hear of your husband's dx, but welcome to the forums. You found a great place for information and support.

I don't think anyone can tell you how sick your husband is or isn't on here - but just based on his numbers he should be fine with the proper treatment.  There are a number of people that get diagnosed with much lower CD4 numbers and higher VL numbers and do fine.

Many of us that aren't knowledgeable of the current medications and treatment think of the dark days of HIV --- things are very different now, with very effective medications with minimal side effects.

I recommend reading the "Newly Diagnosed" section here:

Your love and support is heart warming, and will help him.

Take care,


Allu Need:
Thanks, JM, for your kind reply and support. I am grateful to this forum
for all the resources and loving support.

My husband started on Atripla on 02-11.  Everything went fine, the
lumps on the back of his neck were receding and his blood sugars
were settling down. Then, 5 days ago, he began having major anxiety,
starting with something close to a panic attack during the night.

The doc put my husband on Ambien and Xanax so that we can just get
through this, and he can stay on Atripla.  Things seem to be going well.

I, for one, feel optimistic.  Maybe this account will help someone else.
We will stay in touch. 

Thanks, everyone!


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