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Best Diet


US News has rankings out now for the Best and Worst Diets.

Best Overall Diet goes to "The DASH Diet"
Best diet to lose weight: "Weight Watchers"

Some bad diets mentioned, Atkins, Raw Food Diet, and the Dukan Diet.

The Mediteranian diet sounds the most delish to me, seems like something easier to maintain.  It came in at #3 so it sounds pretty solid.  I think I may make a new push to go mediteranian, after all swimsuit season is just around the corner  :P

Boy, the dash diet sounds complicated.

I usually eat a pretty mediterreanean diet, for the most part, but I eat fewer refined carbs than it usually calls for.

I guess its kind of a mediterreanean diet with a little paleo diet thrown in.  ;)

I eat healthily mainly to try to keep my lipids under control. I find I feel better when I do eat healthily, though.



Dieting is so easy, I've been doing so most of my life. :(

Lifelong vegetarian. Never eat any bleached grains. I think my diet is the best :)
but then again im vitamin d and b12 deficient...


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