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Anyone had a Cystoscopy?


This procedure will leave no painful memories, just a wierd interaction with my doc right? :-[

Good luck

Hugs Bobby

Yes I have had. interesting to say the least. If he knows what he is doing there will be little to no pain.

yes, I have had a few, prior to having a Prosteva prostate surgery (a kind of 'microwave' ablation of prostate tissue, to reduce the pressure on the urethra).   The cystoscopy was certainly no fun, but not the worst thing I have had done by a long stretch.

At least the tube/scope is very flexible...the Prosteva device they inserted into me was LONG and straight and HARD.   They did it with no anesthesia, that was a totally different story.

Let us know how it turns out.

HUGS, Alan


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