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Only the nose knows...

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Hey Ray you handsome devil!
Glad to hear everything went ok.
I had my first "removal" last summer.
It was painless but still a much bigger deal (more cut out) than I was expecting.
Hope your nostrils even up. :)


--- Quote from: mitch777 on January 10, 2013, 02:24:38 PM ---
Hope your nostrils even up. :)

--- End quote ---

 ;D Thanks LOL ---- I may have to grow my mustache back to take away from the uneven nostrils. :P   Maybe if I wear a clothespin for a week it will even out.  ::)

The nose is feeling better, Still very numb, and swollen, It's this damn cold now, which is driving me crazy.  Like I have an open tap under my nose.  ;D   One day at a time !!


good  progress  Ray   hope it  all clears  soon...


OK,  :D   The black eye started last night ( Day 2).  The doctor told me I may get a black eye.

Looks as though I just stepped out of the boxing ring !   :P

Too much....  :)

Ray  8)    (Black and blue and swollen,but feeling good )


 ;D  I had to think of a song to go with the pics, so I decided on this one:  lol

Ray 8)


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