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--- Quote from: aztecan on January 08, 2013, 11:56:23 PM ---I think he is pretty pathetic when it comes to talent.

The sad part is his daddy is kinda cute. Don't know what happened to the boy

--- End quote ---

Wow, I just googled his dad and think I'll become a fan of daddy.  Me finds him real cute, fuckable cute in fact.  Picture 4 looks like wumpy....wonder what that's all about? :o

He recently said he doesn't smoke anything.  LIES! 

I look up to you, because you let me down. 

yes the beiber's dad is quite the sexy man i must say.   Jusin will be like the new kids on the block, once they get slightly older the little girls will kick him to the curb.

Jeff G:
I made a prediction to my friends in the 80's that Madonna would never be remembered after what I thought would be her one hit , so Im not so quick to write off what passes for talent after that  ... My radio in my car is set to NPR , so theres not much of chance Im going to subjected to JB's musak . 

He does have great head of hair though.


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