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Miss Philicia:
If you weren't aware of it, TMZ published exclusive pictures of J.B. smoking blunts a couple of days ago. Now it seems his army of fans are cutting themselves to force him to JUST SAY NO!

Also, DISCUSS~++

I'd cut myself for being a fan of his.

Jeff G:
a good old fashioned blood letting may just be the cure for JB , I'm putting leeches on my nipples for him too .


Agreed 100%. Not sure why he's so popular...he really has no talent. He was on a late night show not too long ago and sung live...not good at all.

--- Quote from: wolfter on January 08, 2013, 11:39:29 PM ---I'd cut myself for being a fan of his.

--- End quote ---

I think he is pretty pathetic when it comes to talent.

The sad part is his daddy is kinda cute. Don't know what happened to the boy


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