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Media coverage of the "25th Anniversary of AIDS"

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I find the whole coverage of HIV/AIDS now a bit worrying tbh. I find its still based on people from third world countries and gay men. Imo it is sending out the wrong message to our youngsters, like its ok if you dont fall into these categories.

I also think not enough has been made of the possibility of finding a cure, of the new treatments available, about what groups are currently undergoing the most new infections etc


Soothe the reader is right; setting the stage for the big "Take-Away" when Congress decides HAART is too expensive for a disease that is "manageable".


I've been a little disappointed with the news coverage considering that this has been one of the most devastating diseases of all time. However, I just saw two excellent PBS programs. Frontline had a two part special. It definitely holds some people accountable from the Reagan administration. My TiVo screwed up, so I did not get to see the second part. I've ordered it on DVD but it will not be released until August.   The second special was narrated by Richard Gere and it focused on the history and challenges of find a vaccine.  I thought both programs were well-done and informative. I'm not sure that I agreed with everything said, but it was interesting nonetheless.



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