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I got a letter from the Canadian embassy with regard to our application for permanent residence in canada. It say's on the bottom part of the letter that:

Before I make a final decision, you have the oppurtunity to submit additional information that addresses  any or all of the following:

*The medical conditions identified
*social services  required in canada for the period indicated above.
*your individualized plan to ensure that no excessive  demand will be imposed on canadian social services for the entire period indicated above and your signed declaration of ability and intent.

...please help me with regards to this. I dont know what to do. :(

Wait until Killfoile (joe) weighs in -- i'm betting he'll have some advice to share.

I sent a PM to him asking him to look up your thread.

Joe K:
Hey Young,

The reply you got allows you to clarify your HIV disease, whether your health is stable and if not, are you currently taking any medications for HIV.  If you are taking medications, Canada wants to be sure that you won't be relying on Provincial health care for your medications, for the duration of time noted in the letter.  If you are taking medications, Canada wants to know how you plan to receive your drugs, until you become a permanent resident.

What this all means is that if you are healthy, get your doctor to verify your health and to state that you do not require any medications, nor is it anticipated that you would require any "excessive" medical care until you become a resident.

So the place to start is to ask you if you are currently on medications and we can go from there.

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WARNING:  If you are on HAART, you will almost CERTAINLY be rejected by Canadian immigration.  In spite of Canada's liberal reputation, immigration by those who cost the health system is extremely difficult.

I know, I've tried.

Hey buddy,

I know that the AIDS Committee of Toronto has experts in the area of immigration law. I'd suggest you email them first and seek their advice.


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