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Uniben unveils new cure for HIV/AIDS

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--- Quote from: Ann on January 08, 2013, 10:19:18 AM ---Sounds like another Nigerian scam to me.

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 Its not a scam, they can cure you as soon asz you give them your bank account number.  ;)


--- Quote from: joseph252 on January 08, 2013, 09:43:02 AM ---
``This verification is necessary because it is what is used to measure whether infection is still there or not. So we need to know the siro-convention time.

 ``But preliminary results showed that of the five latest patients orally administered with the drugs, our findings is that up to seven months , three of them were siro negative while two were sill faintly positive.

 Ibeh appealed for support from the Federal Government and relevant bodies to assist the university with relevant equipment to sustain the research.


--- End quote ---

So miraculous this news is that they glaringly ignored the need for proofreading as it was rushed to press.

I can order my cure by sending all my money via western union?

And its herbal!


Rev. Moon:
It is my lucky day  :). I gots me a beautiful mail-in spouse and I have been advised of a hefty amount of money heading in my direction.  Now I'm getting cured of teh AIDS?? I won't even have to disclose my current "siro-status" to the new love of my life.  What more can a lonely AIDSy queen ask for?


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