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a conversation with my doctor.

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Thank you all for the supportive comments.
Very kind.
What can I say, I had a bit of a meltdown.

Even though I put myself in the role of "the good patient", I am also pretty vocal about the issues of the moment.
I have been bringing a list in lately as my memory has gotten so bad.
I never have felt rushed during visits, but every issue that I mention is important to me and the sense of urgency in "fixing" the problem, whatever it is, is why I bring these issues to his attention.
His sense of urgency doesn't always match mine.

I can't be putting all the fault on his shoulders. Perhaps I am not doing a good enough job myself in expressing my expectations.
I'm human, he's human.
My psychiatrist attributes part of it to having somewhat of a stoic German personality. (very true at times)
She told me to use the words "sense of urgency" more often.

Geez, it's not easy.

Thanks again for listening.


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