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--- Quote from: Very worried man760 on January 06, 2013, 05:48:58 PM ---
If i may ask one last question?.. If a "incident" with the condom did occur, what is the likelihood from 1-10 for transmission with her on top?

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Cases of transmission to the insertive partner when a condom breaks are rare in the extreme. In all the years (10+) I've been here I've only seen one case and I have reason to doubt that he's actually hiv positive.

The position in which you have intercourse makes no difference. When you see references to "top" and "bottom", that means "insertive partner" and "receptive partner" respectively. It's terminology widely used by gay men.

We don't use numbers or percentages here when talking about risk factors.

In your case, you had no risk.

--- Quote from: Very worried man760 on January 06, 2013, 05:48:58 PM ---
May i also add the work you all put in to this forum is admirable.. Is there a donation link that i can pledge to?

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If you read the "Important Update" that appears at the top of each and every Am I Infected forum page, you'd know that you are entitled to three free posts. If you feel the need to post more, you must take out a subscription (ie. make a donation). Please read the Update for further details.

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