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I love this show.
Writing is non-stop creative that never ceases to amaze me.
Acting on all fronts is great.
Highest rated comedy on tv. :)
Fresh every episode with lines to remember. 8)
What more can one ask for?

Will Raj ever find his "true" love?
Will Amy give up on Sheldon?
Will Howard keep finding great belt buckles?

The titles of each episode crack me up and I also look forward to seeing their latest t-shirts.
Sad but true.

I like it allot too.  Sheldon always have me smiling or laughing.

I love it.
But i hear there are grumblings that Raj's repressed homo story arc is treading into the offensive.  I don't mind the long tease, myself.  It's just a comedy, and if the character is gay, it might be cool to see a mature guy do his coming out. 

Wow I'm dense, I had no idea Raj was gay. 


--- Quote from: buginme2 on January 05, 2013, 07:26:10 PM ---Wow I'm dense, I had no idea Raj was gay.

--- End quote ---

The question viewers are asking - does Raj know he's gay?  Maybe he is, maybe he isn't. Maybe he knows, maybe he doesn't.  The writing sets him up as either "repressed" (someone who does not know himself) or a funny take on a guy who shares stereotypical traits associated with gay men, but who is not gay.


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