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Hello, I was diagnosed as HIV+ 2 days ago. It caught me completely off guard as I have been abstinent for 5 years. 5 Years ago I was staying with a gentleman much older than myself and I ended up having unprotected sex with him twice. I moved away from there and a month later I saw this same person on an online dating site and his status said HIV+. I messaged him and asked about the situation and he told me that he was negative when we were intimate. I was too afraid as a 21 year old to go to a clinic and get tested so I did one of those home tests which came out negative. I made a vow to some higher power that if I were negative I would not have sex for as long as humanly possible. Fast forward to now and I've been having this annoying cough at night which I thought was asthma but was told was pneumonia at the Dr's office. The Dr. said I needed an HIV test which I assured her was not needed considering my negative results from last test and abstinence since, but she insisted. I went to get tested and low and behold it came back HIV+ much to my surprise. I go to do labs on Monday and I'm pretty scared. My biggest fear is that with the virus untreated in my body for all of these years it might be really bad. I feel completely fine though and since I was a kid I never get sick so I am hoping for the best. I would love to hear some other stories from long time survivors.

Hi Hachimitsu,

I'm sorry you tested poz. But chin up, it's not the end of the world.

It's really going to all depend on your numbers, both CD4 and Viral Load, which you will be tested for by your doctor. But with the miracle of modern meds even if you have very low CD4's your prognosis is excellent. You will be put on ARV's which will cause your VL to go to undetectable at some point, which will in turn allow your CD4's a chance to rebound. Even if your CD4's are dangerously low, like 200 or less, you will be put on additional meds to prevent opportunistic infections. We have many many members who started treatment with very low CD4's and are fine today. ;)

But really try not to fret about it until you get your readings back.

You will be A-Ok ;)


Welcome Hach,

What an opening post.
Glad you were able to find this forum.
Great advice from Wumpy with much more to come. Lots of great info everywhere you turn here.

After only 2 days you need to take a breath.
I hope you consider us a great support system.
People here have been very careing, helpful, and  have provided alot of laughs with a side of shudders on the side. :)


I found out a few months ago. Similar circumstances. Hadn't been tested in over five years when I got my dx. Deep breaths! You'll be ok. Even if your numbers aren't great, at least you found out before your health was severely jeopordized. 1/3rd of the people who find out they are HIV positive find out when they're sick in a hospital. That could have been you! Modern medecine is truly amazing. Do some research, utilize these forums and try to talk about it as much as you can. This site and (most of) the people here are very supportive and helpful.

Glad you found us and are reaching out for support.

mine and all the other LTS' stories really won't assist with a recent/newer infection.  Thankfully, you'll never have the experiences that we did thanks to all the advances in medical treatments. 

It's going to be a bumpy ride until you put it all together, but it will happen.  Follow through with your appointments, listen to your doctor and research for a while but don't let that consume you.  It's a bit overwhelming.

I appreciate the ability to communicate with others here who are dealing with the same issues and I hope you find that too. 

Take care and best wishes



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