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Any Privet Pilots here?

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So Iím coming up on 3 years with dealing with HIV, my life is finally back to normal and Iíd like to start flying again.   :)

I let my medical laps while I was piecing my life back together so I can't fly or get a BFR until I renew it.  Iíve read the FAA will allow you can keep your license so long as you meet certain qualificationsÖ 

Iím hoping someone on this forum has already waded into these water and can give me their insight?

Feel free to send me a PM if you can help.


So, you saw this...

I'm not a pilot, but posted this recently in another thread.

Hi aronbytheC

I'm currently training to get my pilot's licence and in the final phase of the ppl training, i just tested poz and yes it did mess up with my head, however based on my research and knowing that i can still fly so long as I'm healthy gave me the strenght to look beyond the diagonsis and I've managed to move on.

i did like to pm you so we could talk more, however i can't seem to find the pm icon on ur profile.

I'm currently training in SA

Emeraldize:  Thanks for the link.


I tried to send you a PM but it said you could not receive them...  Maybe you do not have an email address linked you our account here?

It sounds like you have not dealt with a medical since testing poz, right?  I've heard conflicting reports on the FAA's stance on HIV.  I guess I don't want to have to deal with someone judging me if I come clean to the FAA... 

I have not had to deal with it yet, but when I do it this time I will have to choose to lie or fess up...  I've been on Atrilpa for over two years now, VL is UD and CD4's are over 800 these days.  Honestly other than taking a pill with a half a bottle of water after I brush my teeth and head to bed I rarely even think about HIV!  I went 9 months between my last check up as my ID doc said there was no need.

I've been a pilot for just over 20 years, 2800 TT PIC, I have PIC time in everything from a 152 to a Citation Ultra.  It's been interesting to not fly the past two years.  People often ask me why I stopped flying, I just tell them the economy...  Can't afford it!   ;)


I'm sending you a PM



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