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Doctor to me: That's what my patients who are dead used to say.

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--- Quote from: indianguy1984 on January 05, 2013, 08:23:01 PM ---Oops - yeah it is 0.42 and not 0.42%  :-*

I am scared to take medication - the idea of missing doses, resistance, wiping out the available drug classes to use scares me - I wish they came up with monthly depot injections for HIV - We give it to our psychiatric patients here who can't be compliant to medications.


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I think your fear is understandable but, to be honest, I cannot even fathom going about my life knowing that the little beast is running wild inside my body...worrying if my VL is increasing too much or not every single day, and not only that, but also scaring away possible affairs for not being in an UND status.

I live my life in peace knowing the meds are keeping the virus in a sort of "sleeping" state. It makes me feel much better and I'm glad for my meds. I respect your fears and your decision, but you should also consider this.


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