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Top insertive with condom break with rimming and kissing.

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I have another question for you. I have noticed that my body has been tight since this expereince. I mean it feels like my arm muscles and a few of my legs muscles are tighter than normal. Is your muscles being so tight a symptom of HIV? I was going to tell you too that my work said that i can get a free std test tomorrow. Do you think that a blood test tomorrow after a week will at least be able to tell me if I contracted any STI's? Well I appreciate your help. Thanks



Why do I get the feeling that you don't bother reading a damn thing I write? I know why - because I already told you when the appropriate time is to test for other STIs as well as the appropriate time to test for hiv - and yet you're still asking about testing time-frames. Get a grip and re-read your entire thread.

"Tight" muscles are a symptom of stress and freaking out. Not hiv. I get "tight" muscles every time I venture into the Am I Infected forum and have to keep repeating myself.



I had my possible exposure on jan 1 2013. I have not yet tested for HIV since i was told to wait till three months. It has been a long and worrisome time thus far. I will hit the three month mark on April 1st but part of me would like to get one of the oralquick tests tomorrow. Do you think that i should get one of the those tests and try it tomorrow even though i hit the 3 month mark on the 1st?

My second question is more clarification on oral thrush. I am not sure whether or not i have it. I have always my whole life gotten cancer sores. Over the past two months though i have noticed an increase in them and also my tounge seems whiter than normal on the very back on the tounge. I have also noticed that my gum lines get swollen and sometimes sore randomly. Is Oral thrush curable? And is oral thrush one of the main (first) symptoms of HIV? I was thinking about going to my dentist tomorrow to. Can they determine oral thrush just by looking at it or is there a home test i can take to see if i have it?

As far as other symptoms i havent noticed anything else major but just wondering what you think?


Jeff G:
I have merged your new thread into your older ones . Please keep all your post in this thread . If you have trouble locating your thread go to your profile page and select show post . Thanks .

Once again you are back asking about time frames and window periods . I can tell you are anxious but the advice and information you were given before remains the same now as it was then . Take a deep breath and read your entire thread again .
I'm not trying to be rude but if you wait the 3 months and do this correctly you can avoid anxiety and worry that you tested too early , this is why we try and be consistant with the advice

Your dentist should be able to diagnose your oral health concerns .


You hit the three month mark on the 26th of March - Tuesday next week.

If you're worried about your oral health, go see a doctor or dentist. We can't do anything about your mouth here.

You've been told since the beginning of this that you are highly unlikely to end up poz as the insertive partner following a condom break. Just go test next week, and get on with your life.



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