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--- Quote from: Rafaelmagura on January 05, 2013, 09:16:44 AM ---It's completely rude the way you guys answer sometimes. This is a forum to ask questions to people who are in your same situation, I'm tired of the way people reply to others if you have something negative to say maybe you shouldn't be reading what I'm asking about its completely disgusting that you can't ask question's because there people that are some a****** , If you feel a certain way of the way am expressing my self than maybe you should re-read the thing you wrote before posting it .

mecch - If I wanna share whatever I want it is non of your business this is a forum were you ask questions and you get answers , If you have no answers to my question just skip over it and leave it alone.

I also feel fabulous of being hiv + without it I wouldn't be the bright person am today and having HIV is not something I'm a shame so before you make and assumption's make sure you have all the details in check. also If I were feeling a certain way about it I wouldn't have put my name down and a picture of myself.

 If there's anything you would like to know about me leave a comment and I will feel free to educate you on my life .

--- End quote ---

Rafael, the point of my post is not to diss you. Rather to show you that you said two, and possible three, things that can worry people on this forum. 

Anytime we hear someone interested in a treatment that is useless and even dangerous (such as colloidal silver - no matter what someone might use it for), it's responsible for people on this forum to ask questions - why the interest in "snake oil."??   You say you want to use it for acne, but its not going to work for anything.  And you are not the first person to come on the forum wondering about colodial silver -- and sometimes its people who hope it might treat HIV. 

So we, or at least I, just asked some questions.  Why not go to a dermatologist and get some trusted advice and proven treatment?  That's all.   Because that is part of living well with HIV --- listening to medical experts, knowing the facts, being informed. Not just about HIV infection but all health issues. 

The second thing (that worried me, at least) was your post about facial wasting.  Nobody is saying you are silly or foolish to start wondering about that.  Fine.  Just that many people come to the forum with this concern, and the only thing people here can communicate - is that facial wasting is NOT usually a problem these days, and really not for someone only a few years HIV+, such as you. 

But people can get really really really worried about this.  Guys your age can, naturally, start to panic, wondering if their looks are going to get destroyed by the HAART or HIV.  Its human to worry.  The action is to inform yourself. That facial wasting is PROBABLY not a concern for a guy your age.

The standard advice is that a doctor has to evaluate this.  A doctor will look at your face and maybe even pictures from a few years ago, and also start to watch you over the next year or two. If necessary. Probably not necessary.  The doctor can help ease a person's anxiety about this, when the doctor says, "no, its not a concern." (Or, if god forbid it is, in some rare event, then the doctor has to step up to the plate and deal with this.)

Finally, the possibly third thing was just your general cowboy youthful bravado -- fine, great even, but just concern that its might lead you to actions that are not supported by medical science.  Or useless anxieties.  Or wasted money.  People advised that colloidal silver is a scam and dangerous and referred to experts and you immediately dismissed the expert (FDA, for example.) 

That's it.

Try not to be so defensive.  People are passing information on to you.  Worried old fogies, maybe.  IF you have it all under control and know everything then its over concern, obviously.

On the other hand, if you have questions about the info - then follow up.  Don't shoot the messenger.  Its meant to be a dialogue.  Thats the only reason i asked if you care to share more.  Cause people would like to hear that you are on a good path to living well with HIV. 

Another reason people here (like myself) might ask a poster, such as yourself, more about his/her life, situation, is to discern why the interest in snake oil, because people from all around the world, and from all different cultures, post here.  There are different medical traditions around the world. 

Also, there are the economics of getting continued medical care, and good medicine.  Cost, access, and lack of access - can contribute to decisions or beliefs about medical care.   

You are young.  Someone your age, might not be aware that in many countries, in the history of this epidemic, people suffered and died, and were royally ripped off to boot, with useless treatments for HIV. Even AFTER tritherapy was available and proven.  It was criminal. Murderous.  And thats what we are talking about when we called something "snake oil".  Thats why everyone is very concerned to still inquire about such possibilities today.  Us old fogies.....   Saw too much bad shit go down.

If people made cracks about colloidal silver, and you took it personally, then I think everyone regrets that.  The cracks were about the snake oil, and the criminals who push it. 


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